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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to Copy PS3 Games - With Real PS3 Backup Software.

Trying to find a simple easy to follow way to copy PS3 games? You've come to the right place! Below I will explain an easier method to copying ps3 games with all the technical jargon!

Most people you know would suggest you need to purchase a modchip to play backup PS3 games but this is far from the truth and there are better ways to do go about doing this. The truth of the matter is YOU DO NOT need a modchip to play PS3 backup games, what you do need is the correct ps3 copy software. The real reason why people claim you need a modchip is because they use their generic buring software on their PC and not the proper PS3 game copy application especially written to read and burn PS3 games onto dvd.

For a quick run down on how this amazing software works - After you install the software, install a PS3 game and copy all the data onto your hard drive. The PS3 copying software breaks down all the protection code in the Ps3 game, after the process is complete whip in a blank dvd and burn all the PS3 game data onto it. This is what proper PS3 backup tools do and now that the game protection code has been removed you can use the software to backup all your PS3 games collection. When you put the Backup disc into the PS3 it will read just like a normal game.

Not only is the PS3 backup software a tool to burn all your Ps3 games but you also get access to a massive collection of games to download onto PC to burn onto disc. If you're looking to saving money on buying games or replacements to damaged discs then using this sort of backup technique is definately something you want to consider doing!!.

Take a couple of minutes to visit the next page on how to copy ps3 games and learn how you can play PS3 game backups WITHOUT a modchip.

Monday, October 4, 2010

How to Copy PS3 Games - PLay backed up games with PS3 Unlocker Software

If you were hanging out for PS3 unlocker software to unlock your PS3 and play copy ps3 games or homebrew software on your PS3 then your wait is finally over. PS3 homebrew is now available and you unlock the full potential of your console allowing you to play games straight off the hard drive.

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So How does the awesome software work?

Its not that hard at all really, all you have to do is visit the PS3 unlocker software website and download the necessary applications then install it onto your PS3 console. PS3 unlocker software (Homebrew for Playstation 3) is 100% safe and doesn’t require you to install a modchip or use some type of hijack to unlock your system. These methods can permanently damage your PS3 and void your warranty.

You can install it all By Yourself!

Most novices will be hesitant to do this type of mod, but you don’t have to be a technician or computer nerd to do this, its real easy to install and get up and running. The software comes with step by step easy to follow instructions, and if thats too daunting then you can contact the 24/7 support staff for further assistance!

Not only can it enable you to play backed up or copy ps3 games, it can also allow your PS3 to recognise imported games from other countries, and also override the region locked games. These are cool bonuses, and you get more as the software updates itself.

If you would like to know more about how to unlock PS3 visit – PS3 unlocker software

How to burn PS3 games with PS3 backup software

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To Copy PS3 Games with Easy Backup Wizard


How to Burn PS3 Games with CopyThatGame

Tired of Replacing Damaged PS3 games ?

Save tons of money with Step By Step easy to use software!

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