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Monday, December 8, 2008

Burn Ps3 games - Learn how to Copy Ps3 games!

I bet your wondering if you can copy ps3 games?? Well the good news is you can ,and its not that hard to to do it, all you need is a descent PC and some blank dvds.. Well for me I simply wanted a way to keep my original games safe.

Alot of you have family that might use your PS3, people don;t realise that PS3 games are expensive to buy and when your game get scratched or damaged thru misuse then it means going down to the local gaming outlet and buying a replacement copy that will sting your around $100 bucks, this can be solved by backing up all your PS3 games,when your games get damamged or scratched then it makes your disc unreadable and unplayable.

So one way to prevent any further harm is (a) ban your little siblings form ever playing the touching the PS3 console (b) put my games in my locker and hdie them from the sibliings but this would be a nuisance as i would have to get them out all the time when i want to play, or (c) backing up PS3 games and let them ruin the backups lol. With (c) you can use your backups when ever you want and not have to worry about getting them damaged or scratched because when they do you have the comfort of knowing that you can burn another copy off and play it while having your originals in a safe place.Making copies of PS3 games can sometimes be very difficult, this is apparent when using multiple programs to performs backing up of Playstation 3 games.Instead of using multiple programs you can use one application that cna do all the task with 'one click' of a button.Its much more convienent to use one software application that can do all the task that several programs do individually.Making backups of PS3 games is not that hard and you only need afew things to do it, first get a hold of a fast PC, secondly a DVD burner and some PS3 games of choice, and some dvd blanks to brun them onto.

So basically its a matter of installing a one click solution application, chuck a pS3 game into the DVD burner and run the PS3 copying software. once you have done that your computer will work away at buring the Ps3 game by creating a image (.ISO) of the game, save it onto HDD then copy it onto a blank dvd disc thus creating a brand neew copy of your PS3 game.

So if you're looking for a one step solution to Burn PS3 Games then come and check out our site below.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Copy PS3 games - Make PS3 copies

Making copies of your PS3 games was thought to be impossible due to the size and type of dvd disc you were dealing with. For gamers like me and yourself this posed a problem especially when games get damaged thru misuse or accidental mishaps. If you had a PS2 and Xbox copying games was easy and in a matter of hours you could have your whole collection of games backed up and ready to play on your console. Now you can do the same thing for your PS3 console and copy ps3 games on the fly just like your old PS2 and xbox games.

The process of how to rip and backup ps3 games is similar to how to you do it for your old consoles. All you need is some blank dvds , a fast meduim to high performance computer with Windows XP or later OS, and a good reliable dvd writer that reads dual layer dvd.

When you start copying ps3 games you need to have good copying software that is able to read and burn PS3 games , there are plenty of tools that can copy games but not all can read ps3 games.

THIS is when Easy Backup Wizard comes into play

Just like Nero and CD Clone, Easy Backup Wizard is a pS3 copying program that is designed specifically to copy any PS3 game to dual layer dvd or blank Blu-Ray disc. The process is much the same as copying a normal dvd movie.

Copying PS3 games can be done in three simple steps -

  1. Insert PS3 game into dvd burner
  2. Create ISO image of PS3 game remove game from writer
  3. Insert blank dvd game into Writer and burn PS3 .iso onto disc

Now how easy is that!!

To get a your copy of CopyThatGame please visit here - How to burn PS3 games

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Copying PS3 Blu-Ray dvd games can now be done!

Blu-Ray dvd is new standard for high definition dvd and now video game developers are taking advantage of the abilities that Blu-Ray dvd offers. The storage capacity of a blu-Ray disc is about 50 gigabytes which gives developers more freedom to create better looking games. This is ever so apparent on the Sony Playstation 3 console where games like Metal Gear Solid 4 are setting the standard is first person shooters. The problem though is when you damage one of these discs it can be an expensive task replacing these games as they're not exactly cheap to buy.

I found it really annoying when I came from work and discovered that one of my games was not able to be read because the blu Ray disc was damaged or scratched on the surface. However there is alternatives that doesn't mean dipping into your pockets and spending your hard earned cash!

What I'm talking about is learning to copy PS3 games onto dvd or blank blu-Ray dvd. There now is specially designed software that burns ps3 games just like dvd copy software and does it in quick smart time!

The Software I'm refering to is CopyThatGame an burning tool that can rip and duplicate Wii, Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3 games , there's no software like this on the market!!

When I discovered and downloaded this software onto my PC was amazed how easy Copythat Game made backups of my PS3 games and after afew hours I had created an entire library on Backed up PS3 games.

If you're like me and don't like spending the cash on replacing unreadable or damaged games then Easy backup wizard is worth the investment!

To get your copy of Easy Backup Wizard please visit - Copy Blu-Ray discs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why should you Copy PS3 games - Use PS3 Backup software

Imagine you went to a video game outlet and purchased Soul Calibur or Grand theft Auto for PS3, after playing hardcore for a couple of weeks you get a little careless and the disc gets damaged without you realising it!

So one day you decide to play one of these games and discover that the disc doesn't work. So now what?

Well there's two things you can do! First you can go along to your Best Buy or EB GAMES and buy another game but thats gonna cost you more $$$ and you'll probably prefer to use that money to buy another PS3 game.

SO whats the other option???

The second option is cheaper and can save you hundreds of dollars , all it involves using PS3 backup software and learning the process of how to copy ps3 games!

Copying PS3 games is pretty straight forward and is not much different to copying your normal dvds and music cds.

All you need to get started is a PC , dvd dual layer writer, some blank dual layer dvds , and PS3 copying software

Burning PS3 games is much like burning dvds's all you do is insert the game you want copied into a normal dvd drive , then open your Ps3 copy software - CopyThatGame and select the option to create a image or .ISO of the game that is going to burned onto blank dvd. This will take approx. 20mins to complete.

Once the .iso is created remove the orginal PS3 game and insert a blank dual layer dvd into the dvd writer (that supports dual layer dvd) and select the option in GameCopyPro that will burn the PS3 iso to the blank dvd. This process should take 30min as well so be patient and allow GameCopyPro to do its thing.

Don't worry if you not sure how to copy PS3 dvd as GameCopyPro comes with step by step tutorials on how to burn PS3 games on the fly.

Game Copy Pro offers a money back guarantee and comes with multiple bonuses like FREE PS3 game downloads, wallpapers, ringtones .....

So there it is in a nutshell! If you want to start creating your own PS3 backup library then

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Learn how Copy / Burn PS3 games with GCP.

Hey there me again, the PS3 game console is starting to come into its own with killer exclusives like Haze and Metal Gear Solid already topping the video game charts in various countries like Japan and America.

What stinks is when you discover that your favourite game is screwed because you either damaged it by scratching it or you misplaced it or lend it to a friend only to find out he sold it!!

Thats why its important to copy PS3 games and make sure you have them backed up ensuring that your originals that you bought from the shop are safetly stored away out of your reach!!

Now you're probably wondering how to do this and what software you need to perform this sort of operation, you're probably thinking you have to possess some kinda of tech knowledge but the fact is YOU DON'T!

There is a software tool called Game Copy Pro that can do it all for you with just a few mouse clicks!

Game Copy Pro shows you through a few simple steps how to do it , instructions are easy to use and even noobs can do it , even my granny can burn ps3 games lol.

To download your copy of Game Copy Pro -> How to Copy PS3 Games

Other features that come with this software :

  1. Copy DivX, Xbox 360,PS2,AVi,Wii

  2. Receive free downloads - PS3 isos

  3. 24/7 support

  4. Win2000,WINXP,Vista compatible

  5. Money back guarantee

and tons more....

Download PS3 copy software now!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Running PS3 backups on your PS3 video

Hey there, I was doing some youtubing and found a cool video of someone running PS3 backups on their own playstation 3 console! Thought this might be a useful video to show all those doubters out there that to copy PS3 games is quite possible!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are you finding a solution to Backup PS3 games

Do you own a PS3? I bought one a year ago and play daily - actually I'm a addict and need to get a life lol!! But thats besides the point, like most PS3 gamers out there sometime you're gonna see your games go missing or get scratches on the disc surface making them totally unplayable!!

PS3 games are not cheap and I don;t have a bottomless pit of money to dip into too but I did some research and found a much cheaper solution which cost me next to nothing to copy ps3 games. This software gave me all the instructions and tools I needed to burn ps3 games to blank dvd and I after 30mins I had all my favourite games like COD4, Uncharted Drakes Fortunes, Army of Two all backed up on dvds.

I feel allot better that my PS3 games I bought are safely tucked away in my locker and that my PS3 copies are taking all the abuse!! Not only did this software burn my ps3 games but it backed up all my blu ray movies and Xbox 360 games.

The name of this software is called Game Copy Pro and I recommend it 100% to anyone looking for a PS3 copying tool -> Copy PS3 games

Monday, May 12, 2008

Burn PS3 game downloads GTA IV , Resistance and more...

2008 is being touted as the "Year of the PS3" by game industry analysts with upcoming exclusive titles like Haze, Metal Gear Solid 4, LittleBigPlanet , so its important that when you buy these games you have backup strategy to protect these precious titles from being damaged in anyway. Playstation 3 games are not cheap and they can be very costly exercise if you decide to buy a replacement.

Don't worry, there is cheaper solutions in the form of backing up your PS3 games to dvd by using revolutionary software called CopyThatGame. Its easy to use and you'll be copying ps3 games in a jiffy!!

All you need is -

  • Fast Computer

  • Good dvd blanks to copy PS3 games

  • PS3 copy software -> CopyThatGame

I've done afew myself and they work fine I've burned ny Xbox 360 and Wii games too. So don't waste any time and get your copy of Game Copy Pro now -> click here!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to Copy PS3 games & Blu-Ray discs

Hey there!! In my last post I talked about how to copy PS3 games with a software tool called CopyThatGame Well I forgot one small but powerful feature of CopyThatGame and that is the ability to also copy Blu -Ray discs as well!

To get it now click here!!

CopyThatGame is a multi-purpose copying software that can burn PS3 games and Blu-Ray discs on the fly.

The Process is really easy simple, all you need is a descent PC and a dvd burner.

First, You insert the PS3 game into your dvd burner drive and with CopyThatGame select the option to create an image of the PS3 game, this takes about 10-20 mins depending on the speed of your computers CPU and burner, once the image is completed and save to your HDD you remove the PS3 game and insert a blank dvd , CopyThatGame then copies your PS3 iamge or PS3 ISO onto your blank dvd using your dvd burner.

No other software I have found does it better then CopyThatGame and whats even better theres no loss in sound or quality!!

To get CopyThatGame and start backing up PS3 games click here -> Copy PS3 games

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to copy PS3 games - Backup PS3 games with Game Copy Pro

The Playstation 3 console had totally revolutionised the gaming scene showing the way for the next generation in games, I own one myself and find it unbelievable especially the graphics and gameplay! Games are not cheap for the PS3 and when games are damaged it can be a very costly process of replacing them. However there are alternatives out there that can save time and money , thats when copy ps3 games is considered a viable option!!

Many gamers are backing up their games now to prevent the damage of their original titles - scratching, breaking, or just plan vandalism of games can cost $$$ in the long term so its important to consider protecting your originals and keeping them in a safe place.

You probably wondering "Well how do I do burn PS3 games?" well there's always geek techie forums you can go to that talk about how to do it but most forums like these contain jardon most average joe users don't understand or you can get all-in-one software that can make this process easy. I found one one suck software tool called CopyThatgame, this program can copy all your favourite PS3 games with easy to use step by step instructions. In a matter of minutes you'll be copying your ps3 games onto blank dvd or blu rays and never have to worry about damaging your PS3 orginals again.

I've made a short list of features that show what CopyThatGame does below but if want to download it now click here -> Copy PS3 Games

Features List

  • Copy/ burn Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, PC, PSP games

  • Also burn DivX, RM, XVID,MPEG, AVI,OGG, WMA

  • Supports XP/Vista/2000

  • Receive Unlimited Free downloads of Games and Movies

  • Includes free guides and tuturials

  • 24/7 support

  • Free Updates

  • Money back no questions asked guarantee

and much much more.....

How to burn PS3 games with PS3 backup software

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To Copy PS3 Games with Easy Backup Wizard


How to Burn PS3 Games with CopyThatGame

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