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Monday, September 22, 2008

How to Copy PS3 games - Make PS3 copies

Making copies of your PS3 games was thought to be impossible due to the size and type of dvd disc you were dealing with. For gamers like me and yourself this posed a problem especially when games get damaged thru misuse or accidental mishaps. If you had a PS2 and Xbox copying games was easy and in a matter of hours you could have your whole collection of games backed up and ready to play on your console. Now you can do the same thing for your PS3 console and copy ps3 games on the fly just like your old PS2 and xbox games.

The process of how to rip and backup ps3 games is similar to how to you do it for your old consoles. All you need is some blank dvds , a fast meduim to high performance computer with Windows XP or later OS, and a good reliable dvd writer that reads dual layer dvd.

When you start copying ps3 games you need to have good copying software that is able to read and burn PS3 games , there are plenty of tools that can copy games but not all can read ps3 games.

THIS is when Easy Backup Wizard comes into play

Just like Nero and CD Clone, Easy Backup Wizard is a pS3 copying program that is designed specifically to copy any PS3 game to dual layer dvd or blank Blu-Ray disc. The process is much the same as copying a normal dvd movie.

Copying PS3 games can be done in three simple steps -

  1. Insert PS3 game into dvd burner
  2. Create ISO image of PS3 game remove game from writer
  3. Insert blank dvd game into Writer and burn PS3 .iso onto disc

Now how easy is that!!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Copying PS3 Blu-Ray dvd games can now be done!

Blu-Ray dvd is new standard for high definition dvd and now video game developers are taking advantage of the abilities that Blu-Ray dvd offers. The storage capacity of a blu-Ray disc is about 50 gigabytes which gives developers more freedom to create better looking games. This is ever so apparent on the Sony Playstation 3 console where games like Metal Gear Solid 4 are setting the standard is first person shooters. The problem though is when you damage one of these discs it can be an expensive task replacing these games as they're not exactly cheap to buy.

I found it really annoying when I came from work and discovered that one of my games was not able to be read because the blu Ray disc was damaged or scratched on the surface. However there is alternatives that doesn't mean dipping into your pockets and spending your hard earned cash!

What I'm talking about is learning to copy PS3 games onto dvd or blank blu-Ray dvd. There now is specially designed software that burns ps3 games just like dvd copy software and does it in quick smart time!

The Software I'm refering to is CopyThatGame an burning tool that can rip and duplicate Wii, Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3 games , there's no software like this on the market!!

When I discovered and downloaded this software onto my PC was amazed how easy Copythat Game made backups of my PS3 games and after afew hours I had created an entire library on Backed up PS3 games.

If you're like me and don't like spending the cash on replacing unreadable or damaged games then Easy backup wizard is worth the investment!

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How to burn PS3 games with PS3 backup software

Play Backed Up Ps3 Games with Easy Backup Wizard

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To Copy PS3 Games with Easy Backup Wizard


How to Burn PS3 Games with CopyThatGame

Tired of Replacing Damaged PS3 games ?

Save tons of money with Step By Step easy to use software!

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