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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How to Copy PS3 games & Blu-Ray discs

Hey there!! In my last post I talked about how to copy PS3 games with a software tool called CopyThatGame Well I forgot one small but powerful feature of CopyThatGame and that is the ability to also copy Blu -Ray discs as well!

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CopyThatGame is a multi-purpose copying software that can burn PS3 games and Blu-Ray discs on the fly.

The Process is really easy simple, all you need is a descent PC and a dvd burner.

First, You insert the PS3 game into your dvd burner drive and with CopyThatGame select the option to create an image of the PS3 game, this takes about 10-20 mins depending on the speed of your computers CPU and burner, once the image is completed and save to your HDD you remove the PS3 game and insert a blank dvd , CopyThatGame then copies your PS3 iamge or PS3 ISO onto your blank dvd using your dvd burner.

No other software I have found does it better then CopyThatGame and whats even better theres no loss in sound or quality!!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to copy PS3 games - Backup PS3 games with Game Copy Pro

The Playstation 3 console had totally revolutionised the gaming scene showing the way for the next generation in games, I own one myself and find it unbelievable especially the graphics and gameplay! Games are not cheap for the PS3 and when games are damaged it can be a very costly process of replacing them. However there are alternatives out there that can save time and money , thats when copy ps3 games is considered a viable option!!

Many gamers are backing up their games now to prevent the damage of their original titles - scratching, breaking, or just plan vandalism of games can cost $$$ in the long term so its important to consider protecting your originals and keeping them in a safe place.

You probably wondering "Well how do I do burn PS3 games?" well there's always geek techie forums you can go to that talk about how to do it but most forums like these contain jardon most average joe users don't understand or you can get all-in-one software that can make this process easy. I found one one suck software tool called CopyThatgame, this program can copy all your favourite PS3 games with easy to use step by step instructions. In a matter of minutes you'll be copying your ps3 games onto blank dvd or blu rays and never have to worry about damaging your PS3 orginals again.

I've made a short list of features that show what CopyThatGame does below but if want to download it now click here -> Copy PS3 Games

Features List

  • Copy/ burn Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, Gamecube, PS2, Xbox, PC, PSP games

  • Also burn DivX, RM, XVID,MPEG, AVI,OGG, WMA

  • Supports XP/Vista/2000

  • Receive Unlimited Free downloads of Games and Movies

  • Includes free guides and tuturials

  • 24/7 support

  • Free Updates

  • Money back no questions asked guarantee

and much much more.....

How to burn PS3 games with PS3 backup software

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To Copy PS3 Games with Easy Backup Wizard


How to Burn PS3 Games with CopyThatGame

Tired of Replacing Damaged PS3 games ?

Save tons of money with Step By Step easy to use software!

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