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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Learn to Copy PS3 games guide - Use PS3 copy software

Just like the older consoles many people are searching for methods or techniques on how to copy ps3 games. The hope is that when you finish reading this article you will gain a better understanding on how to backup playstation 3 games and get them running on your ps3 console. Most people cringe at the idea when talking about copying games from the PS3 but that fact is its not as hard as you think it is, then more than likely you too can make a working copy of your favorite game or games.

To go about doing this all you need to have is a Desktop PC and some PS3 games of your choice to make backups.Other things you need are blank dvds, a fast reliable dvd burner and some ps3 copying software and that can download and read ps3 games then burn them onto your dvd blanks. If you get that components discussed then you are well on your way to copy PS3 games.

So grab a game and place it into your dvd burner then open up your PS3 copying software that will make to copies. There are numerous software options available that will do this, many of them free. You can download free software that requires you to download dozens of software to do different parts of the process of burning ps3 games, I prefer using a all in one package that can do the job with one simple click on a button.

Alot of people go for the free option and download all the software to their computer but most are unreliable and outdated plus some come with trojans or spyware.Soon as you download the software, start it up so it can read the disc and download to necessary files onto your PCs HDD.Be patient as this process can take some time to complete.

Puting your blank disk into your PC and then let it burn your game to the disk.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Make copy PS3 games Easy!! - Get PS3 burning software and make PS3 backups

Without doubt the Ps3 has revolutionized the gaming industry and has quickly become one of the most successful gaming systems to hit the shelves. However a lot of people are wondering much like its predecessors if the games can be backed up or copied to their computers so the original game can be kept away in a safe place. The thing is you can actually do this, you can actually copy ps3 games.

To create copies of PS3 games it really not that difficult, with the right tools its really easy! People tha own a computer have made copies of music cds and dvd movies so they can be sure not to wreak their discs they bought from the stores, and they probably used a bundled software to do it. Now to copy ps3 games you basically need to take the same steps.

Before you go about doing this, you need to remember one important thing.If you try coping ps3 games with your normal copying tools the software will indicate that it has copyright protection making it not possbile to copy with your burning software, most likely your burning software does no support copying ps3 games onto disc.

However if you do a quick search online you will discover software that supports making backups of your PS3 games and has the ability to bypass the copyright protection and make copies of ps3 games.Now this software is very easy to use and in conjunction with your DVD burner you can be backing up your favorite games in no time.

Running this software can be done in afew simple steps - grab a blank dvd disc and insert in your burner, then select option to create an 'image' of the ps3 game of choice, this is save onto your computers HDD. After you have completed this burn the image to a blank disc, this will take a little while but that is to make sure that the copy is done properly.

Not only can you copy ps3 gamesm you can make exact copies of Xbox 360 games and Wii games as well as copies of all your favourtie games from the old consoles like the PS2, Dreamcast and PS1 systems.Don't waste any time and start making backups of games from these systems if they happen to be in your room.

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How to Copy PS3 games

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To Copy PS3 Games with Easy Backup Wizard


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